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Do you want to know the cost of electricity and smart (climate control) of your greenhouse now?

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The Mission of Saeian San’at Company

Guided by a commitment to its core values, Saeian San’at Knowledge-Based Company is a specialized consultant and operator in the field of agricultural automation, livestock, smart homes, and other smart environments. Through meticulous planning and leading-edge technologies, Saeian San’at delivers productivity to its customers in both national and international level.

2023Vision of Saeian San’at Company

Saeian San’at Company is a private enterprise that relies on specialized, professional, and ethical human capital. Using modern knowledge and technology, the company and its two trusted brands are proud to encourage the development of the automation and smartization of greenhouse systems in Iran and in the region.

All in all, Saeian San’at is a new window to the agriculture.

Devising strategies

  • Networking the supply chain and strategically cooperating with knowledge-based companies and domestic producers who are able to produce at a competitive price

  • Trust building and focusing on customer needs

  • Capacity building and empowering the human resources of Saeian San’at

  • Brand building and effective market entering

  • Developing the interactions as well as internal and external communications at the national and international levels

  • Productive branding and market entering

  • Developing modern technology in meeting customer needs in a practical way

  • Developing company’s activities and achievements in various fields

why do you work with us ?

You are investing your money in a proper way.
High quality products
at reasonable
We are always available
Providing online round-the-clock support in a way that every ten greenhouses are monitored by an operator all day long
We are reliable and standard
Talk to plants with us
Conducting extensive researches to identify the real needs of greenhouse owners before designing the environment
We deliver whatever you need
Adapting with the conditions of each greenhouse; enjoying the ability to design systems according to any greenhouse in such a way as to meet the requirements of the greenhouse owner
We are ahead of competitors in the market
the automation devices in line with the
technology in the world; trying to serve to the customers using the fifth generation of this system.
Live with us in the future
Enjoying a
research and development
team consisting of different specialties
and innovation in
and production
We provide free and trustworthy consultation
Providing free consultation services from the design to
the implementation level as well as performing the automation projects and wiring

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